Thursday, June 5, 2014

Peaceful (but busy) Bend Winery

The entrance to the tasting room is upstairs to the left.
One of the winery dogs.
When we visited Peaceful Bend Winery, the only beings living up to the name of the winery were dogs. While they lolled on the deck in pleasant stupors, people were coming and going, tasting, drinking, eating and strolling.

While we were sampling, owner Clyde Gill offered tastes of some enchiladas he's just made. It was a nice gesture, and it seemed to be just a part of the flow at Peaceful Bend.

Under and around the shade of tall trees, we found a sprawling installation with several segments of distinct architecture. It was fun just to walk around and look at the building.

Missouri Wine Snob notes

Courtois: A Vidal with more citrus than Heinrich’s.

Dry Creek White: A Viognier with a strong mineral element and high alcohol content.

Norton: This Norton, like others on this tour, is smooth, tempering the impetuous aspects of this variety.

Meramec Red:
A blend of Chambourcin and Norton. We have found that this blend always seems to make a good wine. This one has great body and strong oak.

Whittenburg: A blend of Cayuga and Chardonel, similar to a Moscato but not too sweet.

Forché Renault: Another boldly oaked red, made with Noiret grapes. This one is a worthy change of pace; we don’t see Noiret much in Missouri ...

... and it's fun to find a good wine
made of nonstandard grapes!

Down the stairs and around the corner, the building sprawls.

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